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A Great Road Trip

They put their vacation on hold for a few minutes when they saw the flea market sign. He slammed on the brakes, throwing a cloud of dust up from the dirt road their GPS lead them to, and made a quick turn.

“Is it okay?”

“Of course it is!” she said with an excited smile. “Although we really don’t need bait or ice.”

“Very funny,” he said as he pulled into the empty lot.

They got out of the car and couldn’t help but notice the building, a run-down diner on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

“Maybe the sign should say “Horror Movie” or something. Feel like we might be killed?”

“It’s entirely likely,” she said with a pretend-scared face. “Come on, the yard sale must be around back.”

They ignored the rusty screen door hanging from one hinge and passed the diner made of what looked like light blue, chipping paint. The windows were too dirty to see in clearly, but the lights appeared to be on inside and someone was standing at the counter, but not moving.

“This really is like a horror movie,” he said. She nodded as they turned the corner.

Behind the diner there were several little bungalows covering shelves that held countless objects. Thousands of old items were piled everywhere, yet appeared to be organized. One shelf in the far corner of the lot was piled with old glasses, jars and vases. Each bungalow seemed to be organized in some way, although neither of them could figure out the order.

Beyond the eternal yard sale were huge ditches, run-down vehicles, piles of chopped wood accompanied by a colorful beach umbrella and old farming equipment.

“I keep waiting for a creepy, dirty man in overalls and no shirt to come out with some kind of ax he’s just slaughtered today’s special with,” he said.

“I know, right? But I have to photograph this.”


As she walked around snapping shot after shot he searched through the piles of stuff. Old wanted posters. Roller skates. Broken typewriters. Vintage statues and figures of every animal that ever existed. He found an owl and held it up for her.

“Hey, check it out! An owl!”

Her head poked out from the next bungalow over, her camera strap around her neck. “Say cheese!” she said as she held it up and snapped a shot. She looked at the screen. “Too dark. Sorry,” she said as she deleted it.

He continued to root through the randomness of the collection, sure he would find something here that he wanted. He always did. A random old toy. A cartoon character drinking glass. Postcards. Photos. Something that would inspire a story. He kept looking as she took shot after shot.

“Make sure you get one of the roller skates,” he yelled.

“Done and done!” her voice called from a hidden part of a bungalow.

He smiled. Their thought patters were always so similar.

He went to the far corner of the lot and surveyed the land around it, the broken down vehicles, the rusty old unrecognizable objects. He wanted to shoot a horror film here. Or write one, at least. Do something. His skin tingled with ideas.

She finally emerged. “Damn, already took two hundred photos. Now I’ll have to upload them tonight when we get there to make some space on this thing!”

This was going to be an inspiring trip.


A Triumphant Yard-saled Gift

“I found something just for you,” he said, entering the door from a long morning of yard saling.

The smile on his face alone got her really excited.

“What is it?” she replied, trying to feign calmness.

He put down a large bag. “First I have to finish unloading all the stuff I got!”

She jumped up to help. “I hate working Saturday mornings. I miss all the good yard sales.”

They unloaded the car.

A box of old books.

An antique record cabinet.

Yet another Brownie.

A brown bag of children’s books from the 1960s.

An old chair.

Three more bags of random objects. Cookie cutters. Teapot. Stack of records.

“Is it a record?”

“Close!” he said as he rummaged through bag after bag, letting objects fall to the floor as he dug.

“Would you just tell me!”

“NO! It’ll be better to see the look on your face when I just hand them to you.”

“Them?” she said, wondering what it could be. “Does it have to do with The Beatles?” It was her favorite subject.

“Maybe,” he said with a sly smile.

She started hopping up and down a little bit.

“The records are over here,” she pointed, trying to be helpful.

“It’s not a record…”

What could it be? She was so excited.

Finally, he said, “Aha!”

She ran right next to him as he pulled out a stack of cards and handed them to her.


She quickly dropped to the floor and started lining them up on the hardwood like a kid opening his first pack of baseball cards.

She was in awe as he walked up and stood next to her. She exclaimed, “I’ve never even seen these in real life before.”

“Me neither,” he said with a triumphant look on his face.

“How much were they?”

“I got them in a whole bag of stuff for five bucks.”

She looked up and smiled. “Thank you.”

“What can I say? I love the girl.”

She smiled, hugged his nearby legs, and returned to displaying the cards out on the floor.