A Triumphant Yard-saled Gift

“I found something just for you,” he said, entering the door from a long morning of yard saling.

The smile on his face alone got her really excited.

“What is it?” she replied, trying to feign calmness.

He put down a large bag. “First I have to finish unloading all the stuff I got!”

She jumped up to help. “I hate working Saturday mornings. I miss all the good yard sales.”

They unloaded the car.

A box of old books.

An antique record cabinet.

Yet another Brownie.

A brown bag of children’s books from the 1960s.

An old chair.

Three more bags of random objects. Cookie cutters. Teapot. Stack of records.

“Is it a record?”

“Close!” he said as he rummaged through bag after bag, letting objects fall to the floor as he dug.

“Would you just tell me!”

“NO! It’ll be better to see the look on your face when I just hand them to you.”

“Them?” she said, wondering what it could be. “Does it have to do with The Beatles?” It was her favorite subject.

“Maybe,” he said with a sly smile.

She started hopping up and down a little bit.

“The records are over here,” she pointed, trying to be helpful.

“It’s not a record…”

What could it be? She was so excited.

Finally, he said, “Aha!”

She ran right next to him as he pulled out a stack of cards and handed them to her.


She quickly dropped to the floor and started lining them up on the hardwood like a kid opening his first pack of baseball cards.

She was in awe as he walked up and stood next to her. She exclaimed, “I’ve never even seen these in real life before.”

“Me neither,” he said with a triumphant look on his face.

“How much were they?”

“I got them in a whole bag of stuff for five bucks.”

She looked up and smiled. “Thank you.”

“What can I say? I love the girl.”

She smiled, hugged his nearby legs, and returned to displaying the cards out on the floor.


3 responses to “A Triumphant Yard-saled Gift

  1. Are theses real pictures signed by The Beatles ? 😉 haha, I’m pretty sure it’s not, try to sell them on ebay now!!

  2. Priceless story! I agree with courbebleue — check out the value on cards.

  3. A bit jealous of your cards. And those children’s books. Good finds!

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