Want to Help With My Book?

Okay here’s your chance, readers! I’ve been writing flash fiction and typing it onto photos for over a year now, and guess what! A publisher wants to collect a bunch of them into a book! So here’s how you can get involved.

I have a pile of new photographs, and I’m coming up with a few flashes for each one. I will be posting a few of them and letting YOU decide which story you think best fits the photograph. Not enough? You can also always suggest I start over!

So here’s today’s photograph:

And here are the flashes to choose from:

1. Maude always hoped she would leave town someday.

2. The road out of town…

3. The first day of the rest of her life.

So readers, please choose which you want and comment! Thanks!



23 responses to “Want to Help With My Book?

  1. I like story #1

  2. #3 or bust!

  3. #2 . . . there’s so many different possibilities with that one. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. I think I like #1 best! Great photo x

  5. I’d have to go with #3.

  6. Renee Taylor

    Story 3…
    first day of the rest of her life, … i think you can make something pitiful out of that.. she screams it.

  7. I like #1

  8. Definitely #1! 🙂

  9. 2. The road out of town…

    But she didnt know yet 😀

  10. ok i want to explain:

    1. Maude always hoped she would leave town someday.
    She is smiling waiting for sometjhing, like someone is changing a flat tire. She has no body language as in “a hurry”. i she was so eager so leave town, she wouldnt stop. And if she *had* to stop, she would show more hurry to leave. She is way tto relaxed here.

    2. The road out of town…
    Something happened, but she didnt know – or was about to happen

    3. The first day of the rest of her life.
    Well… kind of the same that in nr. 2

    Good luck darling; whatever you do, it will be awesome!

  11. Wow this ended up being a lot more fun than even I anticipated! I’ll be doing another one soon!

  12. #1. I like the name Maude. I think you’ll be able to make an awesome story out of all of the choices, but I was drawn to the “Maude”. True story.

  13. Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

    I choose no.1!!! Big congrats on getting these pieces gathered for a book!!!

  14. Between voting here, via email and my Facebook it’s clear #1 is the winner!

  15. Wow. I thought this was a dude.

  16. I like #1 the best. It is funny, and thought provoking. Together, the photo and the caption reminds of that moment is the movie “Field of Dreams,” when James Earl Jones is walking into the corn field.

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