Help With My New Book (Part 2)

After a clear win by story number one, I figured I should do this again! It was fun! If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, you can still vote for a limited time, but let’s move on to the new one. Choose the story you think best fits with the photograph and I’ll type the winner onto the photograph.

You may also want to purchase some of my originals from my Etsy before this book makes me famous and I double my prices! 😉

So here is today’s picture.

And the stories:

1. You can just tell she was having a moment.

2. The fresh feel of grass between her fingers made Gertrude, a city girl, smile.

3. Always recognize the small, beautiful moments in life.


14 responses to “Help With My New Book (Part 2)

  1. Where do you get these photographs? I have one similar to this of my great-great-grandmother. I like number 2, there’s just something very subtle but poignant about her hands….

  2. Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

    No. 2…I like it when the text refers directly to the person or situation in the photograph and puts it in a larger context. Great job! Go Den!!!

  3. #2 Please : )

    P.S. I hope you have to double your prises!


  4. I like number 2, it fits with the mood captured in the snap. The feel of grass between the fingers always makes me happy, reminds me of the importance of simple pleasures in life.

  5. #1. It makes me think what kind of moment she is having. What she is thinking about. It makes me make up a whole story about the picture.

  6. I’m gonna go with Christina on this one – #1. It says way more about her, about everything, than the other two.

  7. Definitely #2 🙂

  8. I like #2 but with a thought to share with you. I like how in a lot of your pieces you don’t name people directly. It allows me to almost put myself in the space of the person in the photo. So I love the idea of #2 but somehow without naming her.

  9. # 2 a bit of narrative with wanting to know more

  10. #2

  11. #3 🙂 am I the only one who thought that?^^ oh well

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