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Hide-N-Seek typography flash fiction

Hide-N-Seek is one of my original flash fiction pieces typed onto a vintage photograph using my antique typewriter.

Like this? Then preorder the upcoming collection of similar work, Capturing a Moment!If you preorder it through my Etsy you get:

-An autographed copy with a personal message from me

-A typed one-of-a-kind post-it of a flash fiction piece I wrote just for you

-2 Post cards featuring images of my work

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Thanks for all of your support!



Old Ones You May Have Missed

These images are part of Capturing a Moment, a new book published by Wrags, Ink. Click the images to go to my Etsy.

Sunday Walks

Sunday Walks is part of the upcoming book Capturing a Moment, a collection of my flash fiction stories typed onto vintage black and white photographs, published by Wrags, Ink.

Preorder the book today and receive all kinds of goodies and freebies! Or you can purchase it for a few more dollars and get an original print as well!

Set in Stone

Set in Stone is part of the new book Capturing a Moment, available for preorder on my Etsy. The original is also available on etsy. Support a starving artist! 🙂

Want to Help With My Book?

Okay here’s your chance, readers! I’ve been writing flash fiction and typing it onto photos for over a year now, and guess what! A publisher wants to collect a bunch of them into a book! So here’s how you can get involved.

I have a pile of new photographs, and I’m coming up with a few flashes for each one. I will be posting a few of them and letting YOU decide which story you think best fits the photograph. Not enough? You can also always suggest I start over!

So here’s today’s photograph:

And here are the flashes to choose from:

1. Maude always hoped she would leave town someday.

2. The road out of town…

3. The first day of the rest of her life.

So readers, please choose which you want and comment! Thanks!