The Final Sunset

The government, scientists, specialists, news programs, everyone agreed the time had come. The end was here.

Many people prepared, stocking everything they could get in their basements: batteries, flash lights, canned goods, generators, but a select few knew it was only a matter of time. Without the sun, plants would stop growing, and slowly all life would discontinue.

Those few decided to honor their light giver, the life essence of their world, one last time. In this small town, a collection of people, rather than uselessly bunkering down in a basement, wanted to say goodbye to someone they never thought would abandon them, someone they took for granted, the one who gave them life every day up until this point without ever asking anything in return. Many forgot all about the importance of it, or simply complained when the weather was too hot or they forgot their sunglasses. So few really relished in how much it did for every living being on the planet.

And now it would abandon them.

Today the sun would set for the last time on their world.

And so they gathered to worship their long-time friend, or say goodbye, or mourn its death. They met at the old soccer field and sat in the bleachers as if watching a match, but this time nobody would cheer. The sun slowly reached the horizon, and the colors were more beautiful than any spectator had ever witnessed. A cloud cluster came in from the East, but it would not ruin the absolute perfection of the very last sunset in the history of man.

The sun touched the horizon, and crawled beyond their sight, a few oo’s and ah’s rang up from the crowd as if they were witnessing fireworks. People hugged, they held hands or comforted each other in their own way. The last orange sliver peeked for one more moment, and then was gone forever.

Photograph by the amazingly talented Manon De Sutter. Click here for more of her work.


7 responses to “The Final Sunset

  1. Wow I really like your writing. This is kind of scary, and kind of sad. I enjoyed reading it!

  2. Great mood and I love the simple, stark prose. Forgive me, but I can’t resist suggesting removing the word ‘select’ from the second line of the second paragraph.

  3. Nice work! Do you write the stories after the photos sometimes? Like are you inspired from what you see in the picture? I’d love to have you use a photo of mine sometime if you are ever looking for inspiration let me know and I’ll see if I have something that might inspire a story!

    • Call me stupid if you must, but surely you are inspired by the photos…I never even thought to make the connection to “A Flash of Inspiration”

      Sorry, two days in a row with less than 5 hours of sleep. I’m not all there sometimes! 🙂

  4. How sad and scary all at the same time. Love it though and I want to read more!

  5. Very Ursula K. Le Guin-ish. It has the feel of her short stories.

  6. Sad & nicely written

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