A Relative Reincarnation

Created with a found photograph, my imagination and my Charger 11.

Now on sale at my Etsy HERE along with some other pieces!


9 responses to “A Relative Reincarnation

  1. AH!
    speechless, just.. speechless

  2. I’ve been reading up on that…well just the one book. Do you believe in karma and reincarnation?

  3. Everything about this is perfect! I can just picture the family huddled around this little guy admiring the astonishing resemblence to his grandpa.

    Love this idea of writing on old pictures. I finally smartened up yesterday and made my way to your about page to see what you’re doing with this blog. Very cool.

    Just finished a story I had been working on since Feb. 14th of 2009. An attempt to write about love for Valentine’s Day. Would love to see what you think.


  4. Aww. Something like this actually happened to my family. One night, my mom had a dream where my (deceased) grandfather handed her a child. The next day, a sick, motherless baby was brought to our house and my parents were asked if they could help. They eventually adopted him, and he’s my healthy brother Josh now. 🙂

    This post made me miss him.

  5. this is awesome. my family and i were talking about how our cousin’s baby looks exactly like our grandpa.

  6. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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