A Rainy Reunion

The two friends sat on his stoop watching rain fall a few feet ahead of them but not yet breaking through the leaves above. It hadn’t been raining when she arrived, but just started once they’d sat.

“It’s raining.”

“Yup,” he responded.

She looked up at the tree and smiled.

“This is nice, sitting in the rain without getting wet.”

He nodded and continued to enjoy the patter.

“I missed you.”

“Me too,” he said with a smile.

“So what do you want to do today?”

“We’re doing it,” he said.


10 responses to “A Rainy Reunion

  1. I loved this..
    I could totally picture the silences between them.. beautiful!

  2. Aw, This is really sweet!

  3. Again. You have me spending waay too much time on your blog again. You have a gift.

  4. I am speechless by your way of writing. The first thing i did after reading this one was to book mark this page. I am luving it. Thanks for it….

  5. Sounds like a conversation I’d have with my husband. As stated above, very sweet. 🙂

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