The Boating Trip

The Boating Trip is part of my ongoing series of flash fiction stories typed onto vintage photographs using my antique typewriter. If you like it, enter the contest to win a personalized piece here. And check out my Etsy for original prints and the book collecting around fifty of my images.


4 responses to “The Boating Trip

  1. This is beautiful , Dennis. Your work is very inspiring…
    By the way , i got so many compliments on my print! Thanks again…

  2. This reminds me a little bit of the time I was on a boat with one of my sisters. A group of guys were laughing at her because she got seasick so easily. As she was being sick they continued jeering until the sea got rougher and rougher – and one by one they all started throwing up into their paper bags! My stomach is quite strong and so even though I felt a little queasy, I was able to keep my head held high and silently smile within as they turned green – happy that karma had taken place!! 😉

  3. ha! this one is funny.

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