Win an Original Print!

So after These Moments had such a lovely giveaway with one of my original pieces, I had such a blast creating one for the winner that I’ve decided to have my own contest! Read about Esra’s winning image here.

What do you have to do? It’s so easy! All you have to do is comment on this post. Tell me why you should be the winner, or just say hi!

Here’s the image the last winner, Esra, got:

She told me she liked the beach, the city and listed a lot of her other passions, so I created one just for her! Want to get in on the fun? Comment below. And please, check out my upcoming book, Capturing a Moment, which collects many similar images. Not this one though, this one is JUST for Esra!

Capturing a Moment collects around fifty of Dennis Finocchiaro’s original pieces. Dennis is the author of The Z Word, a collection of flash fiction set during a zombie apocalypse. His collection of flash fiction that takes place in coffee shops, Confessions of a Coffee Shop Junkie, which came in third in The Fifteenth Dame Lisbet Throckmorton 2010 fiction writing contest, is also available on Amazon.

Capturing a Moment is available via his Etsy site. It comes signed, with a one-of-a-kind post-it flash fiction piece signed and a post card depicting two of the images. For a little bit more you can purchase the VIP version, which also comes with the original print of your choice.


9 responses to “Win an Original Print!

  1. Richard Peterson

    Love to have it!

  2. What you do with a vintage typewriter and an old photograph is remarkable! Utterly love what you do xxx

  3. I love what you do and I’d absolutely love to have one of these! (:

  4. I am absolutely smitten by your work and was sorry I didn’t win the giveaway on These Moments. Hopefully I’ll have more luck here! I’d love to see what you would create for me–thanks for the chance.

  5. Think I’ve just got to put something. HERE. to enter this competition?

    Anyhow, …just discovered your blog…and completely by accident too! I’m a fellow Etsy seller (HoudiniHouse & HoudiniCards) and blog writer ( photograph researcher! I try and reconnect old photographs with present day relatives ( – so please stop by, have a nose and say hello.

    Why should I be the winner? Sadly, absolutely no reason at all ;-( as I’m nothing special in and amongst everyone else here…however, I cherish and love all of my old photographs…and people within them have become almost extensions of my own family…so I would welcome the chance to add another unique individual (complete with their own strap-line) to my collection.

    Truly love your work and ideas – and am glad to have stumbled across you. I shall be returning.

    Best – Houdini.

  6. Wow! I am amazed by these works They are completely original, a wonderful and humurous style of writing and I’d be delighted to own one! I also need to prove to my nan that you can type onto photos… 😀

  7. Den, I found you via Alan at Houdini’s — I LUV what you do here. Your photos are like instant time machines. One look and I’m instantly transported back to “retro” days. I collect and sell digital scans of antique French postcards. I love the romance of that Edwardian era, but your images hit closer to home! And the typing on the pic — that’s the piece de resistance!

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