To the Woman Who Broke My Heart, 1929

Made from an envelope sent in 1929 and with my typewriter.


10 responses to “To the Woman Who Broke My Heart, 1929

  1. Dude, really… this skipped my brain for a second while l was trying to grasp some air…

  2. I really love the visual art that you have posted here. Then again, I’m a very visual person so that interplay between words and art intrigues me very much. 🙂

    Bravo! Keep up the good work.

  3. what a bitch!! I hope you had not spared her in your letter.

  4. So intense, love your ideas, you are soo creative! What is your inspiration for all your work?

  5. Écoutes ça maintenant qu’elle t’a brisé le coeur, so sorry 😉

  6. Oh, this is amazing. I can almost imagine how the letter inside reads. I love this.

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