Sunglasses and Rubber Boots

I sat on the park bench reading, and she came up and sat next to me. I probably wouldn’t have noticed her if it were not for the rubber boots shooting into my peripheral view as I looked down at the novel.

They were bright blue, but that wasn’t what attracted my attention. I looked up at the shining sun and had to shield my eyes from it, even with my dark sunglasses on. It was a scorcher, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

I looked over at her and smiled, she smiled back, but I couldn’t see her eyes through her dark aviators. She looked to be about twenty, wore a bright white and blue print dress and had nice legs. She had a vintage umbrella propped up against the bench next to her, and a little plaid satchel out of which she pulled a sandwich and an apple.

I tried to focus on my book but could not. Why the rubber boots? It was a perfect day, a bright blue cloudless sky backing up my thoughts as I looked around to see the other people in the park going about their busy lives. Not a single one carried an umbrella or wore boots; as a matter of fact none were prepared for any sort of rain at all.

I wanted to ask her, and was about to when a ringing came from her pocket and she pulled out a cell phone.

“Hello?” she said in a Danish accent, and I decided this was fate, I was not meant to inquire about her footwear. Instead I placed my book back into my messenger bag and went on my way, only to find that five minutes later, a sudden darkened sky opened up and rained down on me and the many other unprepared people on the streets. I pulled into a coffee shop for shelter, and before a minute passed the girl skipped by, dry under her umbrella, her boots protecting her feet from the massive flooding that was taking place, and her sunglasses nowhere to be seen.

Words sunglasses and rubber boots and photograph by Christina  Mølholm of And the Monsters fame.


13 responses to “Sunglasses and Rubber Boots

  1. Very good writing… it moves me bit by bit.
    I’m very new to your blog and it seems like there are many interesting stuff here. I will stop by and check out often. I already love a lot of photography here!

  2. The beauty of a writer is that, he makes people see what he imagines in his mind 🙂 Well written….

  3. love love love

  4. This is cute. I’m usually the one walking around with an umbrella without a cloud in sight, and it always rains 🙂

  5. Such a great piece! I loved it ^_^.

  6. Great piece! Thanks for writing it!

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment on kramon’s blog with a link to your page. Great story. Cool picture. I must know. Did you take the picture and then think of the story? Or is the story pretty much real?

  8. Wow! Well written! 🙂

    I will stop by to see more of your interesting posts..

  9. Nonsense Of The Truth

    Haha, I loved reading this 🙂
    And I just mailed you about the photos!

  10. lovely pic! vintage tone! and pretty nice write there.

  11. I LOVE your style. Great photographs!

  12. cool picture and story, rubber boots that’s funny, I saw some girls in Montreal wearing theses, it was a rainy night, and that’s practical but it is also fashion theses days… for my part I prefer leather boots like italians !!

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