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Missed Connections

You: the type of girl who reads the missed connections in the adorable hope that someone, somewhere noticed how amazing you are but in the brief moment he first saw you, it was too late and you were gone, possibly because you’d been waiting for a bus and it came, or maybe because he couldn’t go in the coffee shop you sat in drinking your tea because he had his dog and there was a clear sign that said “No Dogs Allowed” so he rushed his poor little pup home and ran back only to find you gone. Maybe this post is about the pretty red sundress you had, or your copy of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, or perhaps it was your backpack shaped like Kermit or your hair in pigtails held in place with little vintage barrettes or your big sad eyes, or maybe it was just the low-cut shirt or your painstakingly perfect face. Maybe it was that sad, distant look on your face that spoke to him; there’s a pretty good chance it’s that. He saw you and in that moment he saw it all, his awkward first approach, your walk in the park that lead to the inevitable first kiss, the initial lovemaking that wasn’t exactly his A-game but he knows he will do better the second time, the second time where you clearly enjoy it more, all the way up to the wedding day, the honeymoon, the kids and the white picket fence.

Me: The kind of guy who believes in missed connections, and thinks that any girl who reads them as often as I must be a keeper, regardless of what it was that made you first talk to me.

This is a fictional missed connection I made up.