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A Cool Evening After a Storm

As the crickets sang and the cicadas growled, he took a sip of his tea.

“What a lovely night,” he said as he pulled her closer.

“Three days of over one hundred degree heat, and now this. A quick storm and it’s suddenly sixty.”

“Cardigan weather.”

“Hot tea weather.”

She smiled and put her arm around him.

“The moon is full.”

“I noticed.”

She put her head on his shoulder.

“What do you want to do with the rest of our night?’ he asked.

“Dunno. Something wonderful, inspiring, magic, something that I’ll want to tell my friends about, my sisters, my grandchildren.”

“That’s a pretty big order,” he responded with a smile.

He got up and went inside for a minute, and as he came back out Frank started playing from the record player.

She looked up at him, his face barely visible in the light of the full moon, and his contagious smile made her heart jump. He reached his hand out.

“Care to dance?”


Heat Wave

“I appreciate you.”

She looked up from the magazine she was reading and raised an eyebrow.

“What? I do,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked as she closed her copy of Under the Radar and placed it next to her.

“I was just thinking,” I started, “this is so nice. We’re sitting here together, reading, me on one couch, you on the other, and I’m really…”



She smiled and moved over to my couch. “Anything else you’d like to say?”

“Mhmm. I adore you. These simple moments, it’s too hot to cuddle, what with the heat wave, and we can’t really do much, so we’re just sitting here, relaxing, not even really feeling the need to chat.”

“Well, until now. Now you’re talking.”

“True, but now you’re cuddling. And it’s 100+ degrees out.”

“It’s 99.”

“Not if you include the heat index.”

“What does that even mean, the heat index?”

“I love that you always call me out.”

“Hey, you do it too,” she said, sliding even closer and putting her arm around me.

“Dude. It’s too hot to cuddle.”

“It’s too hot to talk, too,” she said as she got up, went back to her couch and returned to her magazine .