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Madison (A Story of Connections)

Madison peered out the window from the back seat of the car watching the rows of stores and people passing by as they sat in traffic. A little black dog ran by, followed by a much bigger dog, and she wondered if they were playing tag.


“Yes Madison?” Madison was her name because she was born in 2004, and every girl born in 2006 was named Madison, or so it seemed.

“I want a hamster.”

Her mom sighed as she looked for parking.

“What brought this sudden idea on?”

Madison saw a boy she knew from school and waved, but he didn’t notice her. She wondered what the shovel was for.

“I saw that pet shop where they have all the black hamsters.”

“Honey, I’ve told you a million times that isn’t a pet shop. It’s an art gallery.”

“Then why do they have so many hamsters?” She frowned a bit. “And I don’t think you told me a million times.”

Her mother chuckled but tried to hide it. “You’re right.”

“It’s probably more like ten. I just forget.”

“Well, if you want we can stop there and look at the hamsters. Mommy needs to go anyway and pick up something she ordered. If only mommy could find a parking spot,” she added, more to herself or God or fate than to her daughter.

They drove in silence for a few minutes. “Did you think about it yet?”

“About what, honey?”


A spot opened up ahead so she put on her turn signal as she waited for the car to get out.

“I don’t know. I think you’re allergic to them.”

“You think?” Madison didn’t remember ever hearing this before.

As she pulled up towards the spot another car jumped the medial strip and stole it from her.

“God Da-“ she started to say, then regained control of herself for Madison’s sake.

“What happened?”


She continued driving as Madison debated if she should ask about the hamster one more time.

This story, along with many others, all tie together in smaller, and sometimes larger ways. Feel free to read the collection by choosing “Stories of Connections” in the categories box to the right.



Anna had been walking for hours looking for Speckles; she found her little white and black spotted kitten missing when she came home from a night at her best friend’s art gallery opening, and even though she was exhausted and not entirely dressed for roaming the streets searching for her beloved pet,  she had no choice. The big bad city was no place for a defenseless (and declawed) feline friend. Plus, she didn’t exactly live in the nicest neighborhood.

Her feet were dragging a few hours later, her voice hoarse, calling out for Speckles. It was past three in the morning and she’d given up hope. Her voice no longer carried very far and her expensive shoes were becoming soaked in blood thanks to the cuts they’d dug into her heel. That’s when she saw the Coca-Cola statue for the third time and decided it was over. A tear rolled down her cheek as she scratched out the cat’s name once more in the hope of hearing a mew returned to her.


Photograph by Christina Molholm whose work can be seen here.