A List (for Fun)

People Who Shouldn’t Be Texting While Working as I Walked Through the Streets of Philadelphia This Morning

I had quite the eventful walk to work today, and couldn’t help but notice the massive amount of people texting, most of whom were “on the clock” as they say. I compiled it here for your amusement.

The police officer (in the jewelry district).

The cab driver (with a fare).

The bike messenger (for real).

The guy who almost got hit by a (different) cab driver.

The other police officer (who was driving at the time[and yes it’s illegal in Philadelphia]).

The food cart worker (with a long line of people waiting for their morning coffee).

The mom walking her kids to school (not technically work, but probably even more wrong than the others).

I wish I could say I was making most of these up, but sadly, I’m not. An interesting walk to work this morning.




5 responses to “A List (for Fun)

  1. The mom you mentioned is described as less ‘at work’ and more ‘wrong’. Clearly you’ve never walked in a mom’s shoes. She was probably texting the pediatrician’s office, her online calendar, or her shrink, lol.

    • Nice. Although I’m still not sure she shouldn’t be watching the kids as they cross the busy city streets 🙂

      And I DID walk in a mom’s shoes once, but let’s not discuss that! JK.

  2. Wow, you really are an observer!
    I am a guilty street texter. I am also guilty of texing during my equivalent of ‘work’ (ie in class, being a student)..

    • Oh trust me, I am too. Although I believe Philly is trying to make a law against texting and walking at the same time…or so I’ve heard…

      • No way, that’s crazy!! It seems a bit unnecessary. I’m sure there’s much worse things in the world right now than texting while walking. And how can it be proved that they weren’t merely checking the time? And then will it become illegal to read in the street? Even one of those freebie leaflet? And if you saw two officers texting themselves, they’re hardly going to enforce it themselves.
        Wow, I think I just went off on a bit of a rant. Apologies. 🙂

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