He Stood…

He stood, toes of his shoes on the edge of the skyscraper he’d worked in for years. He looked down at the ants scurrying around. The height of this particular building was extreme, and he knew what would happen when he jumped.

He went back in and quit instead.


2 responses to “He Stood…

  1. Ever read Invisible Monsters?
    I feel like this guy was miserable. He was unhappy, not necessarily with his job, but with life in general. Him quitting was a way to force change. If he can just quit a job that he doesn’t hate, but doesn’t make him happy either, maybe he can do the same with the rest of the things in his life that he feels equally ambivalent about – friends, house, wife, the place he lives.
    I like it, and you should read Chuck Palahniuk if you haven’t. I think you’d like it.

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