Who is Your Favorite Muppet?

“Who is your favorite Muppet?”

She looked up from the puzzle they were working on, a large version of The Great Muppet Caper movie poster. She had what looked like Gonzo’s nose in her hand.

“Come on, you don’t know this one?” she responded with a sly smile.

He laughed. “It’s probably Miss Piggy.”

She shifted in her seat. “Ew. Miss Piggy isn’t anyone’s favorite.”

“When we were little and played Muppets, we always made my cousin Miss Piggy because she would get mad.”

“You’re sick. Wait, how did you play Muppets?”

He laughed. “You can’t really. It was mostly just to piss her off. I don’t think we ever even really played. She usually ran off and told on us, and then we’d get yelled at and forget the game.”

She found the rest of Gonzo in the many little islands of puzzle they’d completed and pushed it into its spot.


“Are you going to say that every time you get two pieces to fit?”

“Mhmm,” she said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

At that point, the record they were listening to stopped and he got up to flip it.

“I love you,” she said. He stopped and looked at her, wondering where that came from. “What? I do. Only you could get me to sit here and talk about Muppets while we put together a Muppet puzzle and listen to The Muppet Movie soundtrack on vinyl. Where did I find you?”

He laughed as he flipped the record, hit start and returned to his spot, picking up a loose piece and staring at the little islands again.

“You didn’t answer me. Where did I find you?”

“You didn’t answer me either about your favorite Muppet. You found me at a coffee shop. I was too adorable to resist. Now answer me.”


He looked up from his work and started laughing.



He put on his serious face and she looked away. Finally she answered.

“Miss Piggy.”


5 responses to “Who is Your Favorite Muppet?

  1. By the way, for those of you curious, my favorite Muppet is Fozzie Bear. The terrible jokes, getting heckled, etc always made him the funniest in my mind. And my favorite Muppet song? COME ON people…clearly it’s Mahna Mahna.

  2. What about those two guys who sat in the balcony of the theater and heckled? I loved those guys. Man, what where their names?? I’ll have to google. Loved the story. Love this couple. Always a really enjoyable read that grabs me in unexpected ways.

  3. Fun – she picked Miss Piggy!

    My adult favorite(s) are Beaker and Bunsen – I have a button of the two of them on my lab coat at work. My childhood favorite was Animal because he got to bang on drums and yell a lot.

  4. I love this!
    …I confess I know very little about the Muppets…I was raised on the Italian translations of The Smurfs 😛

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