The Day Before…

Made with my Brother Charger 11 and my dark imagination…


5 responses to “The Day Before…

  1. Love it. Inspiring…I often think I should attach short stories to my collection of found photos…

  2. Gah – how do you do this to me? It’s midnight where I am, and now I’m both intrigued and want, instinctively, to know more about this woman who disappeared… and I’m also feeling eerie and my neck is prickling and I’m just going to have to look behind me now.

    Phew… no one there.

  3. I just read the last instalment of godlessmonkey’s short story called the Jack of Hearts.

    Needless to say, I’m just glad its broad daylight in this part of the world 😛

    I always admire people who can send a truckload of emotions, points and meanings with a few words…

  4. Pinku no Otaku

    This is truly beautiful.

  5. very interesting series…

    why not try storytelling with short found footage too!

    keep it coming

    Athens July 2010

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