Turn Right, Ahead

“The GPS says to turn here!”

Sure enough, as I scoured the tree-lined side of the road for the turn this robot voice was now telling us about, I could not imagine why we would turn into the woods.

Suddenly as if out of nowhere, a small, wooden bridge appeared in the brush. It looked sturdy enough, but before I could reply either way she turned the wheel and we were on it.

“Um…this isn’t even a road!” Ahead lay nothing but dirt.

“The GPS says it is!”

“I know…but once on Office it told Michael to turn and he read it wrong and ended up driving into a lake.”

She looked at me.

“And I can’t swim.”

I looked up and noticed a rickety sign that said “Road Closed” and under that saw something about the word lake and freaked.

“It said lake, it said lake!”

“Relax!” she said laughing. To be honest, I was laughing too. How could a GPS even know this dirt road existed, let alone that it was closed? We were laughing too hard to even watch where we were going.

“Turn around!” I yelled between laughs.

“Where?” All of a sudden we were driving past a brand new house with a small clearing across from it.

“Really, here?” I asked. Why would anyone choose this spot to build a house?

She laughed more as she turned into the clearing to make a three-point turn. I had my camera out.

“I hope someone comes out!”

“Don’t you dare take a picture of people if they come out! Nobody even knows we’re here!”

“Come on. A house that nice, they’ll probably offer us fresh squeezed lemonade.”

“Do you see any lemon trees around here?”

She had a point, but still.

We laughed hysterically until we came back to the bridge, and all of a sudden the GPS righted itself and the robotic voice said, “Turn right, ahead.”


5 responses to “Turn Right, Ahead

  1. haha.
    gotta love gps. They constantly are either yelling at me to turn around, or take me the longest way around possible!!
    love the story!

  2. Hehe, GPS… In Finland you encounter the problem of ice roads on lakes during winter: the GPS thinks you are insane for driving into a lake, flashing all red and stuff (well, not really, but the robotic voice sounds pretty darned urgent).

  3. GPS are so dumb. One took us down a crazy road once and we slid off the road and almost crashed. It was insane. You can read about it here: http://asthefarmturns.wordpress.com/2010/02/17/our-valentines-adventure/

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  4. Welcome to driving in the Poconos. Next time I tell you not to trust the GPS, maybe you’ll listen to me. Haha

  5. Very funny! I’m always surprised at the people who tell me how much they love their GPS. Was I sold a reconditioned model?

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